Physical Health

Internal* – What I ingest is more important that what I do externally (physical exercise) to look younger and to feel more vibrant and alive. My external layer (skin, hair, nails) manifests much of what I consume. As they say you are what you eat. I prefer a varied diet of organic meats, fish, vegetables, grains, fruits and nuts all carefully prepared with avocado or olive oil and an occasional splash of butter (Kerry Gold) direct from the King in Ireland.

External* – This is getting off my throne and walking the castle grounds and the surrounding areas. Personally I prefer the beach after exercising in the dungeon area. The dungeon has the racks for stretching, good before and after exercising. It’s also equipped with tree stumps and rocks for lifting and building strength and of course there’s the courtyard for fencing and jousting. Occasionally we have high impact sports like boxing and thrashing one another.


*What I have to say here is what works for me and my opinion of what makes sense from my studies and from my experience.  It may not be right for you and I’m certainly not providing any medical advice. You and you alone are responsible for your health, which means what you consume and how much or little you exercise. Here’s another saying you might like, “Garbage in, Garbage out,” however all the garbage that goes in doesn’t always come out and that’s a real problem.