Mental Health

This is not about mental illness, but about having mental clarity, knowledge and wisdom.

Just like you exercise your body, hopefully you do, so you must also exercise your mind or it will atrophy.  As it has often been said, “knowledge is power.”  It is with knowledge that we are able to create for ourselves and the world.

How often do you read and I don’t mean novels or fiction. These are great for escape, but do little to help you move forward and reach the success you’d like to reach.  ere’s a question for you.  What’s the difference from one accountant to another accountant? Or the difference between one attorney and another, or a teacher and another teacher, or an engineer and another engineer and son on and on?  What allows one of them in any field or profession to be at the top, to be the best and have wild success and others not so much? You see it’s not what they do, but how they do it. There are millions of people who do what you do, but it’s how they do it that makes the difference.

Would you say that those at the top were born with that ability? Perhaps.  Did they have more drive, more energy, better skills, better education, better family and friends, better teachers, more money or better something else? Perhaps. Perhaps they had some of those advantages and maybe all of those advantages or maybe none of those advantages. Whatever it is there are a few things that you must have to be at the top, to be the best.  And that is knowledge and experience.

Do you know what it takes to be an expert and become a so called “overnight success?” 10,000 hours of practice! And that practice means getting informed, be open to tutoring and mentoring from someone who has the knowledge and experience. Then it’s putting in the time. I mean, what else will you do with your time? Just let it fly by and in 2, 5, 10, 20, 30 years from now say if I only had…

The question now becomes what are you doing with your mind now, today?  Are you escaping every chance you get by watching TV or going to a movie or playing a video game? Now there is nothing wrong with any of these, except if that’s what you do most of the time.

Even if you don’t need or want to be the best of the best in your chosen profession your mind still needs exercise or it will wither and die. Keep those synapses snapping, keep feeding your mind with new information, keep challenging yourself with solving mental problems. Stay sharp and read about history, geography, science, math, spirituality, and more.

So what else can you do? Glad you asked. Feed your body with nutritional foods and get active exercise so your brain will get the nutrients and the oxygen it needs to help keep your alert. Meditate, listen to music, have a positive attitude and know that you are capable of so much. Who knows one day you could invent something amazing that saves lives, or helps feed the hungry or brings peace to the world.

You need a good brain and a good brain needs you to survive, but surviving is the same as existing. Wouldn’t it be better to THRIVE?