Can You Hear Me?


Right now are your reading this or are you really somewhere else?  Are you thinking about something from your past or thinking about what you need or want to do next, or later today, or next week, or next month? Somehow you believe, whether it is technology or something in your DNA, that you have the ability to multi-task and have a very difficult time staying in the moment.  It’s amazing at times that you actually hear or listen to anything that’s being said and based on commercials it takes getting loud, obnoxious and annoying to get your attention.

Do you know that listening is an acquired skill and that there are courses in listening.  Right now, as you read this your mind is trying to distract you. It’s saying things like, you have so much to do just get through this and get on to the next thing.  You are constantly contemplating so many other things and so easily distracted. Unless this subject really intrigues you, you may or may not even finish reading it.  Even if you do will you have digested the information and use it to your benefit in the future?

Now, if you really want to get ethereal you will want to pay attention to everything that comes into your life because it came to you for a reason.  Unfortunately, unless you listen you’ll never discover why this article came to you, or why I was the person who wrote it, or what the meaning of this message is for you, or what you need to learn from it. Sound cryptic?  Not really, you see even when I am writing there is a message here for me as well. Think about it, contemplate it, and find the message.

So be in the present and pay attention because it is a gift (present) and it is this very moment in time that you want to experience.  It is a gift of life where you have 86,400 seconds in every day to use, choose want you want to do.  By living in the present, in this very moment it not only shapes your future, it can provide you with a “no regrets” past.

So tell me how do you handle the present?  Are you present or not?  Are you listening or being distracted? Did this resonate with you?  Will you be more aware the next time you read, watch or listen to something or someone? I’d love to hear your thoughts and I promise to pay attention and you don’t have to yell.

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