Yesterday, I had an opportunity to watch an 18-minute video by Jill Bolte Taylor.  It’s an incredibly moving and insightful video by a person who had a stroke, but not just any person, she is a brain scientist and researcher.  This started my thinking here. Are we a being and are we being?


There is so much to life and to do in life. We have to think about and do our daily chores, go to work, care for family, earn money and it goes on and on. Rarely do we sit and contemplate our lives or life itself.  You know, really think about who we are, what we do, why we do it, how we relate to others, why are we here, what’s our role, etc., etc.  Most of the time we think about how we are going to pay the bills, save for retirement, what’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, when we will make time for chores, or seeing friends or being with our significant other and of course it goes on and on.  Even in our daily routines, we are usually living in the past or the future and rarely, if ever living in the present. 


There’s a wonderful story about life being like a train ride.  You make plans to see some one in another town and you decide to take the train from your town to theirs.  It’s a long ride with many stops in between.  At those stops you could get off for a while and see what’s there and have that experience.  But all you think about is when you’re going to arrive at your final destination, because at you final destination you will see your friend and be happy.  Well we sort of live our life this way, don’t we?  If we’re not thinking about the problems of the past or how the past affects our daily lives, we are thinking about the future and how things will be better when we reach that future date.  When my kids are grown I’ll be able to do what I want.  When I finish school I’ll be able to start a career.  When this week is over I’ll be free this weekend to go boating or just relax.  I think you get my point.  We are rarely living in the present.  And what is the present?  It is exactly that, a present, a gift.  It is in this moment that we are creating the past and the future.  It is this moment that if we do not live it fully, appreciate it, discover in it, use it and be happy in it that we loose it, always waiting for the next moment that will be better and when we will be happy. If we live each moment with joy, if we at least learn to appreciate each moment, if we make each moment count and are happy in this moment, then there is no unhappy past and we don’t have to think about the better future because whatever the future is we will be happy just as we are now.  Can you now answer; are you being? 


Jill Bolte Taylor’s story is about how we are all connected.  You see our left hemisphere of the brain holds the all the information we have learned from birth so we can learn how to walk and talk, read and write, and go about our daily routines, etc.  The right brain is all about the here and now, it is not just our artistic side but connects us to the rest of the universe, kinesthetically.  Our right hemisphere is our sensory side, processing all of the information from sights, sounds and more and thinks in color and smells and touch. It connects us to every atom not just in our bodies, but also to other beings.  It connects us!  Meaning we are all connected to one another, physically and spiritually.  Yes, each atom of your body is connected to the atoms in the air and water, which are connected to everything air and water touches, which is you and me, and plants and tress, and birds and animals, and mountains and land, and rivers and oceans, and, and everything. If we did not have a left hemisphere just as Jill lost from a brain tumor, which is why she could not communicate, or walk, we would be the spiritual beings we really are without having a human experience.


So are we being or not being?  We are human beings, being who we are, but not being all we can be.  Being, what a concept.  Don’t just contemplate your day, live your day.  I guarantee that if you start it with a smile and you give that smile to everyone you meet it will be a start of living in the moment.  And if you actually appreciate each moment by living in the present you are given and doing at least one thing that you love you will have a past with no regrets and the future will take care of itself.


So I ask you, “How do you eat an elephant?”  Well, it’s one piece at a time. That’s the way to start living.  One minute at a time, one hour at a time, one day at a time. Yes, we are in human form and the daily routines can take us off the path and make it hard to live spiritually. Think about who you are underneath this human form. You are a spirit.  So, if you can remember this only once a day in the beginning of your new spiritual self and use it only once when faced with a decision of being happy or sad, to be happy or instead of reacting badly acting lovingly, then it is a step in the right direction.  Being right, really means being in the right hemisphere of love and connection.


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If you can’t link up, go to and search her name, Jill Bolte Taylor. 





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